Http vs Web proxy server list

As you’ve noticed, there are 2 types of lists on

  1. HTTP proxy server list: which has IP:PORT proxy servers.

    1. They are the “native” proxy servers, but they’re
    2. a slightly bit harder to configure. Then again
    3. you have to configure your browser just once to use them, so YAY for them!
  2. WEB proxy server list: with URL addresses of web proxy servers

    1. These are soooo simple to use. Just click on the link in your browser and
    2. Enter the URL you want to visit and you’re there, but
    3. (yes, there’s alway a but) they are not totally “standard” so some pages might not look completely right with them

Which ones are you going to use? The best thing is that provides lists for BOTH types. Cheers for us 🙂