We’ve updated the server

Great news everybody. Cool-proxy.net server has received an upgrade. Now we have all the capacity we need (and were lacking lately). The server is 10 times faster and has 3 times as much ram. We’re really looking forward to doing new cool products on our new server. And of course we’re still devoted to sharing […]

New feature available soon

Dear cool-proxy.net users, we’re developing new features that will greatly simplify the use of cool-proxy.net for Firefox and Google Chrome users. Those features should be ready and available in next days/weeks. We hope you’re as enthusiastic about it as we are. Of course we’ll keep you posted about it. Cool-proxy.net team  

New Update on Http Proxy List

Dear users, we’ve updated the way “http proxies list” is shown on our page. If you find any problems regarding the display of http proxy list, please contact us at: info@cool-proxy.net. We hope the update will make surfing experience for Internet Explorer users much better.