How do I use a WEB proxy server

Click on the link will take you to the web proxy server page. Find the input field and enter URL you want to visit (for example: and press Go. It’s that simple. Google should load and you can start surfing.

Http vs Web proxy server list

As you’ve noticed, there are 2 types of lists on HTTP proxy server list: which has IP:PORT proxy servers. They are the “native” proxy servers, but they’re a slightly bit harder to configure. Then again you have to configure your browser just once to use them, so YAY for them! WEB proxy server list: […]

Why do I need a proxy server

The three main reasons to use a proxy servers are: Unrestricted surfing: unblock your internet from school, work or other place Anonymity: you don’t want the webpages to know your true identity and track you Speed: using a proxy server might speed up your internet in some cases   Do you find yourself in any […]

What is a proxy server

Your most basic question might be: what is a proxy server? Simply put: a proxy server is a computer that is between your computer and the internet. All your internet traffic goes through this proxy server.   Of course, you might not want anyone between you and the internet, but there are occasions when you […]